This page allows you to generate a .csv report based on historical agent or contact data (e.g. view performance from the holidays last year to better staff your call center this year). Unlike the History page, Data Mart allows data older than 90 days to be requested and stored for up to 7 days.

Name Name by which the report is identified.
Start Time Time the report was initiated.
Initiated On User that created the report.
  • Running: The report is being generated.
  • Complete: The report has been created and is available for download.
Run Time Total amount of time it took to generate the report.
Download Link to download the report .csv
Note: To generate this report, click Data Mart in the left sidebar and then click Request Data. Remember, this report will only be available for 7 days.
  • Job Name: Give a name to the report.
  • Select Summary: Choose Agent Summary for agent data. Choose Contact Summary for inbound call data.
  • Select Dates: Choose a date range to filter your data.
  • Options: Select the queue(s) and/or agent(s) to include in the report.