What is Private Connect?

Jive Private Connect gives you all the benefits of the cloud with enterprise-grade quality and stability your organization demands. Only available in the US.

Direct connection to private cloud. Jive Private Connect is a dedicated, private connection from your organization into Jive’s Private Cloud. Skipping the public internet altogether means improved security, QoS, and stability.

NAT Services. Jive Private Connect can provide NAT between your organization’s private IPs and Jive’s public IPs. No need to worry about the cost and complexity of acquiring and managing public IPs and ASNs.

Bring your own connectivity. Get to a Jive-supported data center over layer 2 or 3, any way you want. Rather than being locked into a specific vendor relationship, you can utilize your own preferred local carrier relationships.
Note: To add Jive Private Connect to your services, please contact your sales representative. For setup and installation, or any further questions regarding this product, please contact your sales representative or field engineer.