What is included with GoToConnect Support Center?

GoToConnect Support Center is one of a few Contact Center Packages to come with features specifically geared to improve outcomes and increase the success of support teams through better overall management of inbound calls.

GoToConnect Support Center will include the following in addition to the current GoToConnect Insights Center features:

GoToConnect Agent Experience

  • Agents can log in and log out of all assigned queues simultaneously with a single button.
  • Agents will also be able to stop taking calls from their queues without logging out (queue pause).
  • Agents can handle queue calls from GoToConnect directly.
  • Agents can see queue call information such as which queue the call is coming from, the wait time of that caller, and the Caller ID.
  • Agents can see real-time information about the queues they are assigned to.

GoToConnect Supervisor Experience

  • Supervisors want to improve outcomes by managing their employees, and our reports will start supporting this goal. They will get access to real-time dashboards inside of GoToConnect.
  • Supervisors can now monitor (whisper, listen, and barge mode) their agents' calls right from the supervisor dashboard in GoToConnect.
  • Inside of the CC Portal, the Supervisor gets access to an Agent Effectiveness Dashboard (start of outcome-based reporting) which includes Total Talk Time by Agent, Transfer Reports, and Agent Availability reports.

GoToConnect Contact Center Admin Experience

  • Supervisors can designate who is an agent versus a regular user.
  • Supervisors can make permanent assignments of those agents to pre-existing queues.

This package will be charged per CC user per month. A CC user is defined as a CC Admin, a Supervisor, or an Agent. To upgrade to this package, please see your respective Sales Representative.