What are the recommended VLAN settings?

Implementing VLANs to deploy Jive Voice provides several network benefits as it groups network users and devices that share common traits.

Benefits of VLAN implementation

  • Network Segmentation: The network typically runs more efficiently and some LAN issues will stay localized to VLANs.
  • QoS: Can have a unique configuration for a specific VLAN.
  • Policy-Based Routing: Unique policy-based routes can be configured differently on specific VLANs.
  • Gateway Routing: VLANs can be used to route VoIP traffic through the Jive Voice Gateway.

VLAN settings

Jive provisions all Jive Voice handsets with the manufacturer’s default VLAN settings. Most vendors have CDP and LLDP enabled by default. There are three methods in total that you can use to assign a Jive Voice Handset to the desired VLAN:

  • CDP: Cisco Discovery Protocol
  • LLDP: Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • Manual: Manually setting the VLAN ID on the handset