What are the conference bridge settings?

Below is a list of all the conference bridge settings and their descriptions.


Table 1. Extension
Setting Description
Extension Number A unique three to six-digit number that makes the bridge dialable.
Name The name used to identify the bridge in the admin portal.
Omit from Directory — Optional Removes the bridge from all internal directories.
Omit from Auto Attendant Extension Dialing — Optional Removes the bridge from auto attendant extension dialing.
Region Allows visual conferencing to dial a local number within the selected region to invite new participants to a conference call. Participant invites cannot be made to international numbers. For example, if you set the default region to Brazil and the bridge to Mexico, you would only be able to invite participants within Mexico.
Table 2. Options
Setting Description
Announce New Participants Requires participants to record their name before entry; participants are then announced once they have joined/left the bridge.
Enable Waiting Room Prevents participants from entering the bridge until a host arrives.
Participants Enter Conference Muted Mutes all participants upon entry to the bridge.
End Conference When Last Host Leaves Removes all participants from the bridge once the last host exits.
Table 3. Security
Setting Description
Participant PIN Numerical password required for a participant to join the bridge.
Host PIN Numerical password required for a host to join the bridge. Hosts have additional in-call conference features. The host pin is required to use visual conferencing.
Table 4. Visual Conference
Option Description
Copy Shareable Visual Conference Link to Clipboard Copies a link the visual conference to be shared with other participants. A participant pin is required for participants to join via dial-out (conference bridge calls the participant to join).
Open Visual Conference Launches visual conferencing; host pin required to enter. A host pin is required to enable the link to launch conference. Visual conferencing is not compatible with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11.
Show Conference Phone Numbers Displays the phone number used to access the conference bridge within visual conferencing. A phone number must be routed to the bridge to enable this feature.


Before you can enable call recording, your remote storage must be setup.

Table 5. Call Recording
Setting Description
Record Conference Calls — Optional Enables recording of all conference calls. Recordings will be saved to your remote storage.
Note: If call recording is enabled system-wide or on a phone number as well as on a bridge, multiple copies of the call will be recorded. The bridge will generate a recording that starts when the first participant enters and ends when the last participant exits. Additionally, a separate recording will be created from the perspective of each participant.


Lists all devices and call flows using the bridge. Click on an item name to go to its settings.