How do I use the agent view in GoToConnect?

Use the agent view to see real-time call details and take calls. The agent view also enables agents to log in, pause, or log out of all queues simultaneously. This is exclusively for GoToConnect Support Center.

Before you begin: You must be assigned as an agent to at least one queue.
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  1. Log in to GoToConnect.
  2. If you have multiple lines, select the extension you want to use from the line selector dropdown in the bottom-left.
  3. Click .
  4. To log in to all assigned queues, click Ready for Calls.
  5. To log in to any unassigned queues, search for and check the queues from the drop-down menu.

    Note: If you do not see all or any unassigned queues, your CC admin may have limited your access to them.

  6. Optional: To log out of all assigned queues, click and then click Sign out of queues.
  7. Optional: To log out of specific or unassigned queues, uncheck the queues from the drop-down menu.
  8. Optional: If you need to take a break from taking queue calls, you can click Pause All Queues or use *33.

    Tip: You can also pause individual queues from your desk phone by using *33 + the queue extension. If you pause a queue from your desk phone, it will show up as paused in GoToConnect. Dial *34 + the queue extension to resume taking queue calls. If you have paused all of your queues, you can unpause them all simultaneously by using *34 without adding a queue extension or by clicking Ready for Calls in GoToConnect.

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