Recording your phone calls can be useful for training, legal, or historical purposes. You can enable this feature to record all incoming and/or outgoing calls on your entire system. In addition, call recording can be enabled on individual phone numbers, lines, ring groups, call queues, or conference bridges. Users who do not have this setup can dial *15 + phone number to initiate call recording for an individual outbound call (this cannot be used mid-call).

Note: It is your responsibility to understand call recording laws for your area.

Before you can enable call recording, your remote storage must be setup.

1. Log in at

2. Click (System Settings, Phone Numbers, Lines, Ring Groups, Call Queues, Conference Bridges) in the left sidebar.

3. Skip this step, if you are setting up call recording system-wide.

Click the (phone number, line, ring group, call queue, conference bridge) that requires changes.

4. From the Recording tab > Call Recording section, toggle call recording on or off for incoming and/or outgoing calls (where applicable).

5. Select a Call Recording Format (where applicable).

  • WAV49: Smaller file size (recommended).
  • WAV: Larger file size, more compatible with mobile devices.

6. Click [SAVE].

  • If call recording is enabled system-wide or on a phone number and a call queue, multiple copies of the call will be recorded.
  • The call queue will generate a recording that excludes the hold music, where the other recordings will include the hold music.
  • The conference bridge will generate a recording that starts when the first participant enters and ends when the last participant exits. Additionally, a separate recording will be created from the perspective of each participant.
  • If call recording is enabled in multiple locations (line, ring group, phone number, or system-wide), only one copy of the call will be recorded.