Our hosted call recording feature allows calls to be recorded (inbound and/or outbound) and then saved to Amazon’s cloud storage service. After enabling call recording, audio files are automatically stored in the cloud, so you can access them from virtually anywhere. Currently, Amazon’s Secure Simple Storage (Amazon S3) is the only approved third-party hosting solution for recorded calls.

Note: It is your responsibility to understand call recording laws for your country. See Terms of Service for more information.

Create an Amazon S3 account and bucket

Setting up your cloud storage is the first step to recording calls. For help with creating your Amazon S3 account, check out Amazon’s help docs. They’ll walk you through everything you need to do step-by-step.

Link your Amazon bucket to your system

After setting up your Amazon S3 bucket, Amazon will assign you an AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key. Those keys are used to link your cloud storage to our system where your call recordings will be saved. Here’s how to connect them together:

1. Log in at

2. Click System Settings in the left sidebar.

3. From the Recording tab > Storage section, enter your:

  • AWS Access Key ID
  • AWS Secret Access Key
  • Bucket Name

5. Click [SAVE].

Turn on call recording

You can enable call recording system-wide or for individual phone numbers, lines, ring groups, conference bridges, or call queues. Calls on these extensions will be automatically recorded with no action required by users.  However, users who do not have this setup can dial *15 + phone number to initiate call recording for an individual outbound call (this cannot be used mid-call). Click here to see the nitty-gritty of how this is done.