Extension mapping reroutes an extension or a range of extensions to another extension. This is primarily used to transition a third party phone system to Jive or to integrate your remote workers with a traditional phone system. Another cool tip—use extension mapping to allow a caller to dial 0 (zero) to reach an operator (i.e. an extension of your choice).

1. Log in at

2. Click System Settings in the left sidebar.

3. From the Extension Mapping tab, click [ADD EXTENSION MAPPING].

4. Enter the Pattern (extension or range of extensions) that you want forwarded to a new extension. Use X for extension ranges:

  • 1XXX for extensions 1000-1999
  • 12XX for extensions 1200-1299
  • 123X for extensions 1230-1239
  • Only unassigned extensions will follow these mapping rules.

5. Select the destination Extension for the rerouted extension(s) and then click the checkmark icon.