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To reduce the amount of phone numbers you need on your system, you can allow a line or ring group with a direct phone number to accept calls and faxes. Not only will this reduce your monthly bill for phone numbers, but also save you money not having to buy physical fax machines. When someone sends a fax to the phone number associated with the line or ring group, it is first converted to a PDF and then emailed as an attachment.

Note: To receive faxes, a phone number must be directed to the line and ring group.

1. Log in at

2. Click Lines or Ring Groups in the left sidebar and then click the line or ring group that needs to receive both incoming calls and faxes.

3. Enable Intercept Incoming Faxes and enter the desired email destination.

  • To do this for a line, go to the Fax tab > Receiving by Email section.
  • To do this for a ring group, go to the General tab > Options section.
  • Faxes can only be delivered to a single email address. If you need to deliver your faxes to a group, use an email alias (e.g. or create an auto-forward rule in your email client.
  • The incoming fax will come from, so make sure this address is not marked as SPAM or junk mail.

4. Click [SAVE].