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Call monitors can listen to a call in progress on a specified line without call interruption or intervention unless it’s needed. This is especially helpful in training situations. This star code allows you to initiate call monitoring from your phone. Once you’re connected to the call, you can dial different codes to toggle between monitoring modes.

1. Dial *17 from your phone.

2. Enter the extension you would like to monitor.

  • You cannot monitor lines assigned to multiple physical phones (this does not apply to GoToConnect and Jive Mobile).
  • You must use ACL monitoring permissions to listen to others with monitoring permissions.

3. If you dialed the star code from someone else’s phone that does not have permissions, enter your numerical dialable username given to you by a system admin.

4. Enter your dialable password (default 0000). This is separate from your voicemail password and can be changed by dialing *19.

5. During the call, dial any of the following options to change between monitoring modes:

  • [ 4 ] Spy Mode (default): Allows you to enter an existing conversation silently; neither the agent nor the caller is notified of your presence. This is often used for quality assurance purposes.
  • [ 5 ] Whisper Mode: Allows you to speak to the agent while remaining invisible (silent) to the caller. This is especially useful when training a new agent on incoming calls.
  • [ 6 ] Barge Mode: Allows you to join an ongoing conversation between two parties, being heard by both.