How do I integrate with Slack?

Integrate your phone system with Slack. Manage voicemail, click to call, log in and out of call queues, see which agents are servicing specific queues, and create queue groups for bulk actions.

To install Jive’s Slack bot, you must have permissions on your Slack workspace (usually a Workspace Admin).
  1. Click here to find the Jive bot in the Slack App Directory.
  2. Click Install and then click Authorize.
  3. Click + in Direct Messages.
  4. Search for jive.
  5. Click Jive bot and then click Go.
  6. Enter /jive connect to connect Slack and Jive.
  7. Click Connect Jive Account.
  8. In the integration dashboard window, click Link Accounts in Jive Bot.
  9. In the conversation with the slack bot, enter /jive configure.
  10. Choose your line/device and voicemail notification preferences.
  11. Click Save.
When you initiate a call from the app, it first sends the call to your desk phone or GoToConnect, waits for you to pick it up, and then finally completes the call to the outbound number.
Tip: Type help to view a list of Jive Bot's commands.