How do I integrate with Salesforce Lightning?

Integrate your phone system with Salesforce Lightning.

Install the Integration from AppExchange

This integration is in private beta.
  1. From Salesforce Lightning, go to Setup Home > Visit AppExchange and then click Get Started.
  2. Search for "jive".
  3. Click Components and then select Jive by LogMeIn (beta).
  4. Click Get It Now in the bottom right corner.
  5. In the new window, click Open Login Screen.

    Note: Make sure your popup blocker is disabled.

  6. Click Allow to allow Jive to access your Salesforce account.
  7. Click Install Here under Install in This Org and then click Confirm and Install.

    Important: The integration won’t work if you select Install in Sandbox.

  8. Choose the desired group of users and then click Install.

Configure the integration in your Salesforce Account

  1. Go to Feature Settings > Sales > Notes Settings and click Enable Notes.

    Saved notes and notes about calls will be displayed on a list that by default is not displayed in contacts. To change the list to be displayed, follow these instructions:

    1. From Setup, choose the Object Manager menu from the top of the screen.
    2. Select Contact from the left sidebar and then choose Page Layouts.
    3. Select your layout from the menu (contact layout is the default) and then click Related Lists.
    4. Drag and drop Notes into the Related Lists panel.
    5. Click Save.
  2. Download the integration widget.
  3. Go to Feature Settings > Service > Call Center > Call Centers and click Import to import the downloaded file.
  4. In the details of the imported call center, click Manage Call Center Users to add users to it.
  5. To add the softphone to your Salesforce Lightning app, go to Setup > Apps > App Manager.
  6. Select the Lightning app that needs the JivePhone app and then click Edit.
  7. Go to the Utility Items tab and then click Add Utility Item.
  8. Search for Open CTI Softphone and then click Save at the bottom of the page.

    When you first login, your browser might be blocking the authentication popup. Make sure you allow popups from Salesforce.

Troubleshooting Sandbox Installation

If you received an error, you may have chosen to install in a sandbox. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.
  1. Go to Setup > Custom Code > Visualforce Pages.
  2. Click CTI Adapter Page.
  3. Copy the full name of the JivePhone page (e.g., jif6QH2I3t7Mptz__JivePhone).
  4. Go to Setup > Feature Settings > Service > Call Center > Call Centers.
  5. Edit the Jive Call Center Adapter Open CTI.
  6. Paste the full name of the JivePhone page in CTI Adapter URL.
  7. Click Save.