How do I integrate with Microsoft Outlook for desktop?

This integration is in Private Beta.

Jive’s Outlook Integration gives you the ability to click on a phone number within Outlook and initiate a call to that number and to pull Outlook contacts into your Jive contact list. Once signed into the integration, phone numbers from an email will appear in the right sidebar and can be clicked to then be directed to GoToConnect to complete the call. This integration requires a paid Jive account.

  1. Click the Store icon from the toolbar in the home tab.
  2. Go to My add-ins > Custom add-ins and click on Add a Custom add-in.
  3. Choose the file and click OPEN.
  4. Click the Jive icon from the toolbar in the home tab.
  5. Click [SIGN IN TO JIVE].
  6. Enter your Email Address (JiveID) and Password.
  7. Click [SIGN IN].
  8. Click the gear icon in the Jive side panel.
  9. Click [SHARE MY CONTACTS WITH JIVE] to sync contacts.