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Dialing permissions determine what types of outbound calls users can make from their phone. For example, do you want everyone to be able to make international calls, or only those in your Mexico City office? Or, do you only want people to dial local and domestic long distance numbers? Defining what calls your users can make will give you more control of your system and will help avoid any surprise charges from racking up.

1. Log in at

2. Click Permissions in the left sidebar.

3. From the Dialing tab > Dialing Permissions section, select the user or user group that requires changes.

4. Check all necessary dialing Permissions:

  • Internal: Users can dial internal extensions.
  • Local: Users can dial local numbers inside the area code defined on their line.
  • Domestic long distance: Users can dial long distance numbers (including toll free numbers) outside the area code defined on their line. Jive allows unlimited calls (without fees) to the 48 contiguous US states, Puerto Rico, and many locations within Canada. Calls to Alaska, Hawaii, and some areas in Canada are billed at a low rate that is generally less than $0.03/min.
  • Domestic mobile: Users can dial mobile numbers. This allows user permission control in countries where it is more expensive to call mobile phones.
  • International: Users can dial international numbers outside the region defined on their line; including US Territories and Foreign States. See Jive’s international rates.
  • Toll numbers: Users can dial numbers that assess per-minute charges (e.g. 1-900 numbers).
  • Malicious area codes: Users can dial international numbers that are numbered under NANPA (i.e. they are 10 digit dialable). These have extremely high per-minute rates, and are often involved in scams.

4. Click [SAVE].

Tip: To remove a user or user group, hover over the user or user group you would like to remove and then click the trash icon. Click [SAVE] when you are done.