How do I customize my Jive Mobile settings on an Android?

Below is a list of the Android Jive mobile settings and their descriptions.

Setting Description
Do Not Disturb Silences calls, alerts, and notifications.
Extensions Defines which line and device is used to make/receive calls. This does not affect SMS text or chat messages.
Advanced Settings See below.
Feedback Sends feedback (bugs and feature requests) to Jive.
Table 1. Ring & Vibration
Setting Description
Select Ringtone Defines the default ringtone for all incoming calls.
Enable Vibrate Enables your device to ring and vibrate at the same time.
Only Vibrate on Silent Mode Allows your device to vibrate only when it is in silent mode.

Location Based Rules

Defines how the app behaves when the device enters or exits a specified location boundary (geo-fencing). For example, if you want to prevent taking work calls when you are home, etc.

Note: The app must have location services enabled before applying location based rules.
Setting Description
Map Defines the location boundary. The device must be inside the desired location boundary as the map pin cannot be moved.
Enter rule name Name by which the location based rule is identified.
Select action on entry Action when the device enters the location boundary.
Select action on exit Action when the device exits the location boundary.
Table 2. Advanced Settings
Setting Description
Enable Calling Toggles inbound and outbound calling permissions on or off.
Block Incoming Calls Blocks all inbound calls to the line.
Wi-fi Calling Only Disables the app from using cellular data. When enabled, the device must be connected to an approved Wi-Fi network.
Allow Intercom Enables the line to receive incoming intercom calls from other lines on the system. Intercom is a feature that pages an individual phone by automatically activating the speakerphone—unless the app is set to do not disturb.
Show Favorite's Presence Enables presence monitoring allowing you to visually monitor other lines (extensions) to know whether or not one of your favorites is on an active call.
Note: Contacts that have not been added as favorites can only be monitored from within contact details.