1. Log in at

2. Click Virtual Fax Machines in the left sidebar and then click the virtual fax machine you want to customize.

3. From the General tab, customize the following settings:

  • Extension Number
  • Name
  • Omit From Directory: This setting omits the extension from all internal directories.
  • Omit from Auto Attendant Extension Dialing: This setting omits the extension from being dialed within an auto attendant.

4. From the Sending tab, customize the following settings:

  • Email to Fax Access Code: This code is used to securely authenticate emails and identify the virtual fax machine. Click [RESET] to generate a new access code. The access code cannot be manually entered.
  • Send As User: Determines the user permissions when sending faxes.
  • The External Caller ID: Controls the caller ID used for outgoing virtual faxes. This can be set to the system’s default caller ID or customized to a different caller ID.
  • Send Email to Fax Success Messages: Enables emails to be sent upon successful virtual fax delivery. All notifications are sent to the email address used to send the virtual fax and come from (make sure this address is not marked as SPAM or junk mail). Emails are always sent for failed transmissions.

5. Click [SAVE].