1. Log in at

2. Click Ring Groups in the left sidebar and then click the ring group that you want to customize.

3. From the General tab, customize the following settings:

  • Extension
  • Name
  • Omit From Directory: This setting omits the extension from all internal directories.
  • Omit from Auto Attendant Extension Dialing: This setting omits the extension from being dialed within an auto attendant.
  • Ring Timeout: The time in seconds that the ring group should ring before going to voicemail. This is overridden by any simple dial nodes that reference the ring group in the dial plan editor.
  • Forwarding: Controls how forwarded devices are handled. Sometimes a phone in a ring group is setup to forward its calls, causing calls to the ring group to be immediately answered. As a result, other phones in the ring group are prevented from answering the call. This option allows for these devices to be ignored. Direct calls to members of the ring group will still be forwarded. Only direct calls to the ring group will ignore call forwarding.
  • Confirm Pickup: If enabled, the system provides the option to dial 1 to accept an incoming call or 2 to send it to voicemail. The primary benefit of this feature is when a cell phone is in the ring group. When a cell phone is turned off or out of range, calls usually go straight to the cell phone voicemail box. Without confirm pickup, the cell phone voicemail would prematurely end the call. Enabling confirm pickup allows the call to continue to ring the group. A secondary benefit is when you have a personal phone number in the ring group. Having confirm pickup enabled lets the user know the call is business related, and they can then answer the call appropriately. Enabling this setting reduces the number of supported ring group members to 19.
  • Ringback: Determines what a caller hears while waiting for their call to be answered. Ringing is selected as the default, but a Hold Music Playlist can also be selected.
  • Intercept Incoming Faxes: Enables the ring group to receive virtual faxes to a specified email address. To receive faxes, a phone number must be directed to the ring group.
  • Send Faxes to: Sends virtual faxes to the designated email address.

4. From the Members tab, customize the following settings:

  • Lines: Lists the current lines in a ring group. Click on the line name to go to its settings.
  • External Numbers: Lists the external numbers in a ring group. The caller ID will be blocked if Block Caller ID is enabled on the phone number used to dial the external number.

5. Click [SAVE].