How do I create a schedule?

Schedules route your callers to different paths of your dial plan (Schedule node) based on when they call—down to the very minute (schedules follow the default time zone). You can create custom schedules for each of your dial plans and can even add more than one schedule to a single dial plan—so think outside the box.

1. Log in at

2. Click Schedules in the left sidebar and then click [ADD SCHEDULE].

3. Enter a Name for the schedule.

4. Click the checkmark icon and then click the newly added schedule to edit its settings.

5. Set the schedule by clicking on a day and time. A one hour time block will appear in green. Hover over the time block for additional expansion options.

  • Open time blocks are displayed in green
  • Closed blocks are displayed in white

6. From the General tab, you can customize the following:

  • Name
  • Time Zone
  • Override
    • None: Follows the schedule as defined.
    • Open: Forces the current schedule to be open 24/7.
    • Closed: Forces the current schedule to be closed 24/7.

7. Click [SAVE].

8. To bring your schedule to life, use it in a dial plan.

Tip: To further customize your schedule, you can add in your own holidays.