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Call queues make it easy for incoming callers to reach a department—like Support or Billing. Agents that are logged in to a queue can then answer these calls as they are dispersed to them. Create as many queues as you need to help limit hold times and to prevent callers from being transferred over and over again.

1. Log in at

2. Click Call Queues in the left sidebar and then click [ADD CALL QUEUE].

  • The next available number will automatically populate the Extension; change this number as needed.

3. Enter a Name for the call queue.

4. Click the checkmark icon and then click the newly added call queue to edit its settings.

5. From the General tab > Agents Logged into Queue section, add agents to the queue.

6. Click [SAVE].

7. To bring your call queue to life, route a phone number to it or use it in a dial plan.