Once you have all your LDAP directories set up and ready to go, you can assign a default directory to all of your phones. Depending on your organization’s structure, the directories may need to be different—maybe you have separate directories for each office location. For the majority of your phones, you can load them with the default directory. However, the directory can be changed from the default on individual devices as needed.

Change Default Corporate Directory

1. Log in at

2. Click System Settings in the left sidebar.

3. From the General tab > Defaults section, select the desired Corporate Directory.

4. Click [SAVE].

Change Default Corporate Directory on a Device

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1. Log in at

2. Click Devices in the left sidebar and then choose the phone that that requires a different directory from the PBX default.

3. From the Device Settings tab > General Settings section, set the Corporate Directory field to Use and then choose the desired corporate directory.

4. Click [SAVE].

5. Power cycle the device(s) to apply the changes.