How do I add a shared voicemail as a line on a phone to receive visual notifications?

A shared voicemail box cannot be assigned to a line key on a phone, eliminating the ability to visually monitor voicemails (blinking line key). However, by creating a standalone line that acts like a shared voicemail box (meaning it never rings, goes straight to voicemail, and is monitored by multiple users), the line can then be assigned to a device line key.  As such, all users that have this line assigned to their device will see a visual notification (blinking line key) once a voicemail is received.

First, create a line with shared voicemail behaviors

1. Log in at

2. Click Lines in the left sidebar and then click [ADD LINE].

  • The next available number will automatically populate the Extension; change this number as needed.

4. Enter a Name for the line. This can be overridden by the button label.

5. Click the checkmark icon and then click the new line to edit its settings.

6. From the Dial Plan tab, set Ring simultaneously to 0 seconds.

7. Verify If no answer, send to is set to Voicemail.

8. From the Voicemail tab, customize the voicemail settings.

10. Click [SAVE].

Then, add a shared voicemail to a phone

1. Click Devices in the left sidebar and then choose the phone that needs the shared voicemail added to one of its line keys.

2. From the Button Configuration tab, select LINE as the Button Type and then choose the new line you just created.

2. Optional—Change the Label (optional). The button label overrides the line name.

3. Click [SAVE].

4. Power cycle the phone to apply the changes.