Learn how to navigate, and use, the Administration Center for all collaboration products, whether you have just GoToMeeting, or if you also have GoToTraining or GoToWebinar. The new Administration Center functions similarly to the administration center you may be used to, but has been updated with a new user interface and an even easier to use design. If you are the administrator of a corporate account, login from Here, you can easily manage your users and products from the options at left. You can add new users, adjust organizer settings, manage groups, run reports, and adjust any administrative settings you prefer for yourself. You can also view how many of your various software licenses you have available. At the top of the page, you can view your past and upcoming activity. Click “get support” to access the support center and select your admin name to navigate to the administration center of a specific product. Users will love the design of the new administration center and will find it very intuitive.