What is included in the Contact Center plans?

We offer a Support Center plan geared to improve outcomes and increase the success of support teams through better overall management of inbound calls, as well a GoTo Contact Complete plan which helps sales organizations improve their outcomes with tools such as an outbound dialer and call campaigns.

The following features are available in our softphone app for GoTo Contact Complete, in addition to the legacy Insights Center features:

Agent Experience

Agents can:
  • Log in and log out of all assigned queues simultaneously with a single button or log in/out of queues individually right from the cards on their dashboard
  • Use the pause feature and customized pause reasons to stop taking calls and chats without logging out
  • Handle calls and chats seamlessly from a single app
  • See queue information such as which queue the call is coming from, the wait time of that caller, and the Caller ID
  • See real-time information about the queues they are assigned to
  • Leave pre-recorded messages for clients with the touch of a button — GoTo Contact Complete plans only.
  • Utilize SMS with pre-saved text messages and custom tags inside of their chat queues to better serve customers — GoTo Contact Complete plans only

Supervisor Experience

Supervisors can:
  • Log an agent in or out as well as pause and unpause them from a particular queue or from all queues and queue types — SMS queues and campaigns are for GoTo Contact Complete plans only
  • Manage outbound campaigns that dispatch missed calls to their agents to return — GoTo Contact Complete plans only
  • Access various real-time dashboards and reports to help them improve outcomes through better employee management (this includes the ability to see the reasons their agents are paused and how long they have been in that particular state)
  • Monitor (whisper, listen, and barge mode) their agents' calls right from the supervisor dashboard

Contact Center Admin Experience

Contact Center Admins can:
  • Create and manage call queues (basic and smart queues with intelligent call routing), chat queues, role assignments, and permissions in the softphone app or admin portal
  • Limit which queues an agent has access to
  • Designate who is an agent versus a regular user (supervisors can also do this for their assigned queues)
  • Make permanent assignments of those agents to pre-existing queues (supervisors can also do this for their assigned queues)
  • Create campaigns for supervisors to manage which will dispatch missed calls to agents to return
  • Create Webchat queues to better meet your customers where they are
  • Enable auto-queue callback for callers waiting in queues that would prefer to receive a return call when it's their turn rather than continue waiting on hold

All plans are charged per Contact Center user per month. A Contact Center user is defined as an admin user that is assigned one or more of the following roles: Contact Center Admin, Supervisor, or Agent. To upgrade your plan, please see your respective Sales Representative.