How do I turn hot desking on and off?

Load your employee's extension settings to a shared phone so they can use it as their own, regardless of where they physically sit.

Before you begin: You must have admin or super admin permissions.
About this task:
Note: Supported on Cisco MPP, Polycom, and Yealink only.
  1. Log in at
  2. Click Users in the left sidebar and then click the user that needs changes.
  3. From General > Hot Desking, toggle Enable Hot Desking on or off.
  4. Optional: If turning on, select a Hot Desk Roaming Profile to determine which device settings are used.

    • If you do not select a profile, the first device listed under User's Devices is used.
    • You can only choose from devices assigned to the current user or any devices without a designated user.

  5. Click Save.
What to do next: Hot desking is enabled by default on all phones, but you can verify this from Devices > Choose the Device > Hardware > Enable Hot Desking.