Admin install for GoToMeeting for Salesforce

An administrator for your Salesforce account must complete the installation.

The installation embeds the GoToMeeting application and functions into the Salesforce interface. Your users will be able to schedule, manage and start meetings directly from the contacts (leads, contacts and opportunities) they want to meet with. Meeting history is stored with the contacts who were invited and for those who attended.

You can perform a test install for admins only, install for all users, or install for selected Salesforce users.

The Admin install of GoToMeeting for Salesforce consists of:

Install the GoToMeeting for Salesforce package

  1. Go to Salesforce AppExchange and search for GoToMeeting.
  2. Choose the GoToMeeting for Salesforce package.
  3. Choose the type of install you want to complete, admins only, all users, or specific profiles. If you want to install GoToMeeting for Salesforce so that it is accessible only to specific user types (called user profiles in Salesforce), choose Install for Specific Profiles. You can also set individual user permissions at any time after installation.
  4. Optional: If you chose Install for Specific Profiles, a list of user profiles displays. Select the profiles you want to have access to GoToMeeting for Salesforce and set each to Full Access.
  5. Click Install.
  6. You are asked to grant approval for GoToMeeting to access your organization’s Salesforce data. Select the checkbox highlighted below to proceed and click Continue.
  7. A progress message displays.
  8. A message then displays letting you know you will receive an email when the install is complete. Click Done to exit the message.
  9. After a few minutes, check your email. You should have received the Package Successful email.
  10. You may be automatically redirected to Installed Packages in Salesforce. Alternately, you can verify that the install was successful.
  11. Open Salesforce and search for Installed Packages. The Installed Packages screen displays.
  12. You should see GoToMeeting for Salesforce in your list.
  13. Jump to the next step in the Admin installation:

    Configure GoToMeeting in Salesforce Classic.