Integrate Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Calendars to GoToRoom

Integrating Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange calendar service to GoToRoom allows you to set a room as the meeting location from your calendar and to view and start upcoming meetings scheduled in the room directly from the hardware! Before you begin to schedule meetings and assign rooms from your calendar, you must authorize Cronofy Enterprise Connect to seamlessly integrate your calendar.

This feature requires both IT admin and GoToMeeting admin access only.

GoToRoom Home Screen

Step 1: Integrate with Cronofy (IT admins)

A third party service Cronofy Enterprise Connect will help seamlessly integrate your Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange calendar to GoToRoom. Admins will require access to the Exchange Web Services API.

If you are not the IT admin of the account, contact your IT department to configure the following steps.

  1. Create a new Service Account. View here for additional help.
  2. Create a New Management Role and add the ApplicationImpersonation Role. Then make the service account a member.

  1. If you haven't already, create a resource calendar for the conference room with the GoToRoom system. View here for additional help.
  2. Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell by following steps 1-3 found here. If your organization uses MFA, view here and connect while using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
  3. Create a Room List by copying and pasting the PowerShell command found under "Creating a Room List" here. If desired, you can change the Room List name.
  4. Add your conference rooms to the Room List by copying and pasting the PowerShell command found under "Adding an existing Resource to a Room list issue the following" here, and change the Member name to the Resource Calendar name.

If you changed the Room List name, make sure the names are consistent throughout these steps.

  1. You've finished integrating with Cronofy! Log in to the Admin Center to complete the connection process.

Step 2: Connect Your Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Calendar to GoToRoom (GoToMeeting admins)

  1. From the Admin Center, click Admin Settings in the left menu.
  2. Scroll to the GoToRoom section and click on the calendar service tab you're using.
  3. Under "Step 2", click Connect and then Continue.

  1. In the log in window, enter the email address of the service account you created in Step 1 in both the Email address field and the Impersonation email field. Then enter the password for the service account, check the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy agreement box and click Link Account.

  1. Your service is now connected! Click Open Manage Rooms to start managing your calendars.

Add and manage a calendar (GoToMeeting admins)

  1. In the Manage Rooms page of the Admin center, click Add a calendar next to the room device.
  2. Select the calendar you'd like to assign to the room and click Apply.