GoToRoom with Poly Small and Medium Troubleshooting & FAQs

GoToRoom is an all-in-one hardware system that lets you set up a small to mid-sized conference room to be ready to join and host meetings in an instant.

Below are some quick fixes for any issues you may encounter.

General FAQs

Join/Start Troubleshooting

Audio/Video Troubleshooting

General FAQs

Do I need a GoToMeeting account to use GoToRoom?

No, any user can sit down at a GoToRoom system and host or join meetings. Any users who do happen to have their own GoToMeeting account will have the additional option of starting their own pre-scheduled meetings from the system.


What is the attendee limit for GoToRoom?

The attendee limit for your meeting will depend on the method with which you have launched the meeting.
  • If you started an instant "Meet now" session using the GoToRoom system's account, then up to 250 attendees can join your meeting.

  • If you scheduled and started the meeting using your personal GoToMeeting organizer account, then your attendee limit will be the same as it is with your other meetings (i.e., it depends what subscription plan you are on). See What is the maximum number of people who can attend my session? for more info.

Can I share my screen using GoToRoom?

What happens if I cancel my GoToRoom subscription?

If you cancel your GoToRoom subscription, you will lose the conference room's GoToMeeting account along with the ability to use Team Share and instant "Meet Now" sessions.

You will keep the hardware and can continue to join other organizer's meetings or start your own if you have a GoToMeeting account.


Where can I find my device serial number?

The serial number of your GoToRoom system can be found on the Settings screen. It is also listed on a label found on the bottom of the unit.

What languages does GoToRoom support?

GoToRoom supports English, French, and German.

How do I pair the Polycom Studio with the remote control?

If you reset your Polycom Studio video bar or replace the remote control, you have to re-pair it to the other.
  1. Hold down the Remote-Control Pairing button on the bottom of the video bar until the lights blink blue and you hear a sound.
  2. Hold down the Mute button on the remote control until you hear a sound.
  3. Once successfully paired, the light on the video bar will remain blue for 3 seconds with sound.

Join/Start troubleshooting

Why don't I see the GoToMeeting Home screen?

If you aren't seeing the GoToMeeting Home screen, check the following:

  • Is the display powered on?
  • Is the Intel NUC powered on? If not, press the power button.
  • Is the right input source selected on your display? Double-check which input (e.g., "HDMI 1") the Intel NUC is plugged into on the display, and then make sure that same input is selected as the source. Try using the Source button on your remote control to see and change input settings.

How can I schedule a meeting?

It is not possible to schedule a meeting from the GoToRoom system. Instead, you must schedule a meeting from your computer or mobile device using your personal GoToMeeting account. If you do not have a GoToMeeting account, no problem! Instead of schedule a meeting ahead of time, you can simply use the GoToRoom system to launch an instant "Meet Now" session and invite attendees on the fly. Learn more.

What's my meeting ID?

If you are trying to join someone else's meeting, the best way to get the 9-digit Meeting ID assigned to each session is to contact the organizer directly (we can’t give this info out for security reasons). Learn more.

If you are trying to find the meeting ID of your own meeting, you can do so as follows.

  1. Log in at
  2. Locate the desired meeting and take note of the 9-digit meeting ID.
  3. On the GoToRoom Touch Panel, tap Join to enter the 9-digit meeting ID and Go.
  4. Tap start the meeting and enter your organizer credentials.

What's my username and password?

In order to start your meeting, you'll need your email address and password. If you are just joining a meeting, then you do not need any login information. See I forgot my password, Why am I being asked to log in?, and Why didn't I get my "Reset Password" email?.

Why am I stuck on "Waiting for organizer to start the meeting"?

This means that you successfully joined the meeting but arrived before the organizer, so you are waiting for them to start the meeting. If you are the scheduling organizer, tap start the meeting and enter your GoToMeeting email address and password to launch it for everyone. Learn more.

Why haven't I received a meeting invitation email from the system?

It's possible that your company's servers might have blocked the invitation email due to security firewalls. Contact your company's IT department and ask them to allowlist our domain names so that they are not automatically blocked.


How do I change the GoToRoom system's display name?

The GoToRoom system uses the system settings as the name displayed in the Attendee list. To change this name, tap the Settings icon on the Touch Panel. Enter the desired name in the "Conference Room" field and tap Save.

Audio/Video Troubleshooting

Why can't anyone see my webcam feed?

Can't see yourself? Check the following:
  • Is the Webcam icon in your toolbar glowing green? If it is gray, tap the Webcam icon on the Touch Panel to turn it on.
  • If the Webcam icon is glowing green, check the room settings. In the Control Panel, tap the Webcam pane.
    • If you can see your own webcam feed of the conference room in the Preview pane, try turning webcam sharing off and then on again.
    • If you can't see your own webcam feed in the Preview pane, double-check that the webcam's USB cable is properly plugged into the Intel NUC.

Why can't I hear anyone?

Can't hear anyone? Check the following:

  • Is the volume turned up?
  • Is the audio device powered on?
  • Is the USB cable connecting the audio device and the Intel NUC properly plugged in on both ends?

Why can't anyone hear me?

Having trouble being heard by others? Check the following:

  • Are you muted in the Web App Control Panel? If the Mic icon is glowing red, tap it to unmute.
  • Is the audio device powered on?
  • Is the audio device muted? If the light strip on the box flows red, press the mute button on the top (between the volume buttons) so that the lights glow green.
  • Is the USB cable connecting the audio device and the Intel NUC properly plugged in on both ends?

Why does my audio sound far away or distorted?

If others report that your audio sounds distant or "underwater", it's possible that your audio is being picked by your webcam instead of the audio device. This can happen if the Intel NUC doesn't recognize the audio device as your default for audio.

Fix this while in a meeting
  1. Tap the Settings icon in the Touch Panel.
  2. Tap the Audio tab.
  3. Use the Speakers drop-down menu to select Polycom.
Fix this for future meetings
  1. Tap the Settings icon in the Touch Panel.
  2. In the "Microphone" and "Speaker" fields, ensure that the Polycom device is selected.
  3. Tap Save.

How do I avoid speaker feedback?

When you start a meeting from GoToRoom, the audio connection is instantly made. When in-room attendees join the session from a laptop, their speakers can cause loud feedback loop if they're connected via computer audio (VoIP). In-room attendees joining from a laptop are recommended to switch their audio mode to prevent feedback.

Why isn't my audio and webcam connecting automatically?

A network administrator may need to configure a firewall. See our Optimal Firewall Configuration page for the right domains.

What is TeamShare's bandwidth?

There is no bandwidth. TeamShare is not based on range or wifi. The devices simply need to be on the same network so any wired or Wi-Fi connection that is in the same local area network (same subnet with no firewall) will be able to use the special "" link and share. Note that connection from the internet (Network address translation) or through a firewall is not supported.

Can two or more people try to share their screen at the same time?

No. Only one person can share their screen with the special "" link. If a second presenter tries to share, they will see the right "Ready to Share" screen on their second device but the conference room screen will continue to show the first presentation.

Will the special Share link ever change?

Yes, the special "" link that is used for content sharing is updated every time it is used or every 24 hours.

Why won't the Polycom Trio audio device dial out?

The Polycom Trio is an VoIP phone. Please contact your IT department to provision the line to the phone on your existing phone system.

Why can't I record the meeting?

If you are using the room license to host an instant "Meet Now" session, you cannot record the meeting. You can promote another attendee as a co-organizer to record on your behalf. If you'd like to record future sessions, please schedule a meeting using your own GoToMeeting account and join the session from the room.

Can the Polycom Trio be used as a regular telephone?

The Polycom Trio is an IP (VoIP) phone. You will need to provision the phone to your existing phone system, including Jive. The following steps must be taken before setting up configuration for a custom PBX.
Note: Note: The Polycom Trio version must be greater than v5.5.4.2255.
  1. Find the phone's IP address by tapping Settings > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters. Take note of the IPv4 address value.
  2. Open a browser on your computer and enter "https://" followed by the IP address found in step #1.
  3. Accept the insecure certificate.
  4. Log in with the factory default password which is "456".
  5. Click Utilities then Import & Export Configuration.
  6. Under "Import Configuration", click Choose File.
  7. Download and upload this file. Click Import then Close.
  8. The phone will reboot a few times to default back to its generic mode. You can now configure a custom PBX!

What happens if I am joining a Phone-only meeting?

If you have GoToRoom with Poly Small, use a separate phone to dial in. If you have GoToRoom with Poly Medium, use the Trio 8500 to call in.

What is the screen resolution?

GoToRoom with Poly transmits and receives 720p (1280x720).