Schedule and Join a Meeting with GoToMeeting v9

You can schedule, host, and join meetings directly from GoToMeeting v9!

Thank you for participating in GoToMeeting v9. We'll be discontinuing the GoToMeeting v9 desktop app in September as we move to the New GoToMeeting experience. We encourage you to use the new Hub, an all-in-one collaboration tool that allows you to chat, schedule, and start meetings. We are committed to continue providing new features that will support you in getting the most value both before and during sessions. Thank you for helping us build a better way for people to communicate with each other.

Schedule and start a meeting (organizers)

After signing in to the app, you can access your meetings by clicking Meetings in the left toolbar. All your scheduled meetings will be listed under "My meetings". Starting a meeting from GoToMeeting v9 will launch the classic desktop app or the Web App that you're already familiar with, and you can use the same meeting features!

  • To start one of your scheduled meetings (including your personal meeting room), click Startnext to the desired session. Learn how to get started with your personal meeting room.
  • To start an impromptu meeting, click the Meet now button at the top of the screen. This will launch your personal meeting room (GoToMeet.Me link).
  • To schedule a meeting for a later time, click Schedule a meeting at the top of the screen. Learn more on how to specify your meeting details.

Join a meeting (attendees)

If you do not have a GoToMeeting account, you can still join someone else's meeting without logging in or signing up!

1. Open the GoToMeeting v9 app and enter the organizer's meeting room name (GoToMeet.Me link) or the 9-digit meeting ID.

2. The meeting will launch in a separate browser.

3. Learn more about meeting features such as sharing your screen or webcam.


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