What is the difference between the Web App and the desktop app?

The desktop app and the Web App are 2 different methods that allow you to do the same thing – join and host meetings!

  • When you use the desktop app, you will install the GoToMeeting software as an application on your computer. When you are in session, you will see a floating Control Panel that allows you to access of the features and tools that are available, as well as a floating Viewer window that will show you the Presenter's shared screen and the shared webcams of your fellow session participants.

  • When you use the Web App, your session will take place entirely within the Google Chrome browser window. You will not need to download any software onto your computer; instead, you will see your toolbar, shared screen and shared webcams all within the browser window.

And don't forget, there's a third way to get into session – using your mobile device!

See Compare Join Methods to learn more.


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