Can I host an audio-only meeting?

Yes. You can have your attendees connect to the audio conference for a meeting without launching the screen-sharing portion of the session.

Note: If your account has enhanced audio, then you will need to disable the toll-free numbers for the recurring session that you are scheduling (otherwise the audio bridge may not be available for "audio only" access).

Topics in this article:

Schedule from the web (recommended)

Schedule from the desktop app

Invite other attendees

Launch the audio-only meeting


Schedule from the web (recommended)

1. Log in at

2. Click Schedule.

3. While creating the meeting, ensure the following are done: 

  • Select "Occurs multiple times" to make the meeting a recurring session.
  • On the Audio tab, select "Long distance number" and deselect "VoIP" and "Include Toll-free Numbers".
  • Next to "Long distance number", click Edit to select which countries should be included in the list of phone numbers.

4. Click Save, then continue on to Invite other attendees.


Schedule from the desktop app

1. Right-click the Daisy icon in the system tray and select Schedule a Meeting.

2. While creating the meeting, ensure the following are done:

  • Enable the "Recurring meeting" check box.
  • Under Audio, select "Provide a conference call number only".

3. Click Schedule when finished, then continue on to Invite other attendees.

Note: If your account includes an OpenVoice toll-free phone number integration, you will still need to log in online and modify your newly created meeting to not include "VoIP" or "Toll-free numbers" (as shown above). Because of this, it is highly recommended that you schedule your audio-only meetings from the web.


Invite other attendees

1. Log in at

2. Next to the audio-only meeting, click the Invite icon.

3. Click Copy to copy the session information to your clipboard, and then paste it into an email or however else you'd like to invite attendees.

4. Since you only want them to dial in to the conference by phone (not join the screen-sharing portion), you can delete all of the extra information. Just be sure to include the following:

  • The toll phone numbers for all desired countries.
  • The 9-digit access code.
  • Add the time and date that you want them to join the meeting.


Launch the audio-only meeting

When you are ready for your session to start, simply dial in to the audio conference using the toll phone number. All of your attendees will do the same thing, and you will all be connected in the audio conference!

Note: In order to avoid having a meeting accidentally run indefinitely if organizers forget to hang up their telephone, GoToMeeting has a built-in security feature that will end a toll audio-only call after 120 minutes. If you require your session to extend beyond 2 hours, then you must launch the full meeting with the desktop app or Web App and have at least 1 other participant join.


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