Mute and Unmute Your Attendees

Organizers can mute and unmute their attendee's audio at any time during the session, with the following exceptions:

  • If an attendee mutes themselves, the organizer cannot unmute them. Instead, the organizer can ask them to unmute themselves.
  • If the organizer mutes an attendee, the attendee can unmute themselves.

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Mute and unmute a single attendee

  1. Click the People pane to open the attendee list.
  2. Click the Audio icon next to the desired attendee's name or click the More icon and Mute or Unmute. Crossed-out Mic icons represent muted attendees.
  3. If the attendee is self-muted, click on the Arrow icon next to their name and click Send unmute request in the drop-down menu. This attendee will then see a "Do you want to unmute?" message, allowing them to choose to unmute or stay muted. Note that you can only send this request to attendees joined via the desktop app or Web App

Mute and unmute all attendees

  1. Click the People pane to open the attendee list.
  2. Click Mute All or Unmute All.



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