Enable/Disable On-Hold Beeps and Entry Chimes

While in session, organizers have the option of enabling or disabling the following audio notifications:

  • On-Hold Beeps (disabled by default): When enabled, the organizer will hear intermittent beeps until another participant joins the session.
  • Entry/Exit Chimes (enabled by default): When enabled, a chime will play each time a participant joins or leaves the session.

Note: This feature is available to organizers and co-organizers only.


Enable or disable audio notifications on the desktop app

Downloading the desktop app is available on paid plans only. Learn more.

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper toolbar.
  2. Click More.
  3. Use the On/Off toggles to enable or disable the On-hold beeps and/or Entry/exit chimes.


Enable entry & exit chimes on Web App

1. Click the Settings icon in the toolbar.

2. In the General tab, check the Entry & exit chimes box.


Applies to desktop app only (learn more)


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