Share a Whiteboard (Mac)

Note: Whiteboard for Mac will be discontinued on December 1, 2018 based on its current overall usage. Thank you for using this feature and sharing your insights – we'll use this feedback to support future innovations and features. Once Whiteboard is removed, you can expect a smaller GoToMeeting app file and faster meeting connections.

Sightboard uses your HD webcam (and a little magic!) to broadcast an image of your whiteboard to attendees and share your updates in real time, allowing them to collaborate as if they were standing right in front of it. Sightboard can even see behind you as you write on the board and will automatically save snap shots documenting each change you make.

Share your whiteboard

Note:  For best results, ensure that your webcam is positioned as close to the whiteboard and centered as possible. Also ensure that the lighting is bright enough for the webcam to capture your whiteboard.
  1. While in session, select the Show My drop-down menu and click A Real Whiteboard


    Select the Play icon in the Grab Tab .

  2. While in session, click the Whiteboard button in the Screen Sharing pane.

  3. The Viewer will launch and start broadcasting your webcam to automatically search for your whiteboard, then display an orange box to suggest the portion of your webcam that it believes is the whiteboard.
  4. Use your mouse to drag the blue corners of the box around the screen and align them with the corners of your whiteboard. Once you are satisfied that the orange box represents the area that you want to share with attendees, click Yes, share this.

  5. In order to be able to "see" behind you as you write on the board, Sightboard will need a few seconds to focus on it. Click Start countdown to continue, then stand clear of the whiteboard to allow Sightboard a clear view.

  6. You're all set to start drawing on your whiteboard!

Pause whiteboard sharing

If you are looking to temporarily put sharing the whiteboard (and webcam) on hold, pause whiteboard sharing rather than stopping it. This will allow you to continue whiteboard sharing without having to set it up again.

You can pause sharing your whiteboardi in the following ways:

  • Select the Pause icon in the Control Panel, Grab Tab OR Viewer.
  • Select the Pause icon in the Control Panel OR Grab Tab.

Stop whiteboard sharing

When you stop sharing your whiteboard, the Viewer including your webcam and whiteboard will close. If you're looking to temporarily stop sharing, we recommend pausing it instead, so don't have to set up and adjust the whiteboard again.

You can stop sharing your white in the following ways:

  • Select the Stop Showing Whiteboard icon in the Control Panel OR the green Webcam or Screen sharing icons in the Grab Tab OR the Close icon in the Viewer.
Note: Closing out of the Viewer will not stop sharing of the whiteboard and webcam. You will need to select the Close icon in the top-right of the Webcam viewer to entirely stop whiteboard and webcam haring.