Change Presenter (Desktop App)

The presenter has the ability to share their screen with other attendees during a session. As an organizer, you can make another attendee the presenter at any time (which does not cause them to automatically become an organizer) or can "open" the meeting so that any participant can take the presenter role without permission. The Presenter will then be able to make anyone else a presenter after them.

Applies to the desktop app only; also see Web App info


Make an attendee Presenter

  1. Click the Attendee icon in the toolbar or Control Panel.
  2. Click the Arrow icon next to the desired attendee and click Make Presenter.
  3. Click Yes to verify the presenter change.
  4. The new presenter will be notified, and you will see a confirmation that you're no longer he presenter. attendees will see a "You've been made the presenter' window prompting them to share their screen.

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Take back Presenter control

  1. Click the Attendee icon in the top toolbar or the Control Panel.
  2. Click the Arrow icon next to your name and click Make Presenter.
  3. You're set to start sharing your screen! 

Allow attendees to present without permission

You can allow meeting participants to immediately share their screen without asking for presenter rights. See Configure Default Meeting Settings to enable this setting.


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