Integrate GoToMeeting with Slack

Go from chatting online to face-to-face meetings in seconds! The GoToMeeting Slack integration allows you to start a GoToMeeting session from directly within a Slack channel. As long as you have both a GoToMeeting account and a Slack account, you can easily host or join a one-time GoToMeeting session via the desktop app, Web App or mobile app.


Add the GoToMeeting app to Slack

Slack administrators can install the GoToMeeting app directly from the Slack App Directory.

1. From the Slack App for GoToMeeting page, select Visit site to install. This will launch a "GoToMeeting plus Slack" page.

2. Select Add to Slack and then Authorize to allow Slack the GoToMeeting command.

3. Once you see the "Integration success!" page, you're ready to connect Slack with your GoToMeeting account.


Connect Slack with your GoToMeeting account

Before you can start a meeting from Slack, you will need to allow Slack to access your GoToMeeting credentials. Note that this connection only has to be made once and Slack will remember your GoToMeeting credentials for future meetings.

1. Type in "/g2m" in the Message field. You'll see a matching command with a "Create a GoToMeeting" description. Click Enter on your keyboard to launch the command.

2. After selecting the command, you'll see a "Cannot start your meeting yet" message. Select here to connect your GoToMeeting with Slack. This will open the GoToMeeting login page in your default browser.

3. Log in using your GoToMeeting credentials (i.e., email and password) and select Allow. This will load a new "Connection complete!" page.

4. Go back to your Slack application and you're ready to start a meeting!


Start a meeting

Start a GoToMeeting Session from a Slack channel with an easy command.

1. Type in "/g2m" in the Message field and click Enter. This will load a "Your meeting is set up and ready to go" message only visible to you.

2. Select Start meeting. This will send an invite to the participants in the Slack channel. Note that only the organizer of the meeting will need both a GoToMeeting and a Slack account.

Note: Note: You can edit the displayed phone number in your GoToMeeting Settings page. The invitation will display your preferred phone number, the U.S. number (if country is selected) or the number of the first selected country sorted alphabetically.

3. Select Chrome Browser to join via Web App or GoToMeeting app to join via the desktop app or mobile app.

4. Once the meeting browser opens, select start the meeting. If joining from the desktop app, select Open GoTo Opener.


Give Meeting Feedback

After a meeting ends, Slack will launch a meeting poll. Attendees will be able to give feedback via emojis directly from Slack. Simply click on an emoji and watch the feedback count go up!

Note: Note: As of now, meeting polls will launch only in public channels.


Additional GoToMeeting Features in Slack

There are other commands you can use to send in feedback, create meeting titles, and more. Type in the desired "/g2m" command from the list below into the Message field to launch the right actions.

(a) /g2m create < add title >

  • Create a meeting with a title.

(b) /g2m cancel < add access code >

  • Cancel a meeting with the access code listed in the invite.

(c) /g2m feedback < add your feedback message >

  • Send in your feedback and thoughts about this GoToMeeting/Slack integration.

(d) /g2m revoke

  • Revoke and disconnect your GoToMeeting account from Slack.