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What is the difference between a primary and a secondary extension?

Learn about direct extensions and the uses for primary and secondary extensions.

A direct extension is another term for a line that dials a user directly. A primary extension is the default phone line for that user and should be used for all incoming and outgoing calls for that user. The primary extension belongs to the assigned user.

However, there are times and situations that require a user to have access to an additional extension. These optional additional extensions are called secondary extensions. A user can only be assigned to one primary extension but an unlimited number of secondary extensions.

The situations for secondary extensions could include:
  • An assistant or receptionist needing to answer an executive's phone line
  • A home office extension
  • A user that needs different Find me/Follow me settings for their mobile phone extension versus their desk phone
  • A voicemail only extension
  • A team or departmental extension

To learn how to assign users to primary and/or secondary extensions, refer to How do I assign a user to a direct extension?