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How do I manage helpdesk tickets?

    View, prioritize, assign, edit, and close helpdesk tickets to better manage your users' service requests.

    About this task: This is a beta feature and currently undergoing changes until its official release. This feature may not be available with your plan.
    1. If you are not already, sign in to GoTo Admin.
    2. From Home > System health, locate the Helpdesk card.
    3. Choose what you want to do:
      Task How-to
      Sort tickets Select the List Icon on the top-right of the card, and then choose to sort by Category, Creation date, Due date, Priority, Status, or User.
      View quick details Hover over a category or priority dot to view the ticket subject, date created, due date, and status.
      Tip: To learn more about status types, refer to Change ticket status below.
      View full ticket Select a user's name or category to view the full ticket.
      Assign ticket Open the ticket by selecting the user, and then from Assigned to choose an admin from the drop-down list. Save your changes.
      Add details to a ticket View the full ticket. Make edits to the ticket as needed, and save your changes.
      Note: The Comments section is only visible to admins.
      Add users to the watchlist Select the user's name and drag and drop onto the Watchlist card.
      Change ticket status Open the ticket by selecting the user, and then from Status, choose a status from the drop-down list. Save your changes. The following statuses are available:
      • Open: sets the urgency of the ticket
      • In Progress: an admin started working on the ticket
      • On Hold: the ticket is assigned, but work is temporarily put on hold
      • Blocked: admin cannot continue work on the issue
      • Resolved: issue is resolved. Ticket can be closed.
      • Cancelled: ticket is no longer relevant
      • Closed: ticket is closed